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Experience Alpine health through mountain air

Get into gear: height x sports = Alpine health


Doing sports outdoor is healthy! Mountain air has positive effects on the human organism. If we combine both the positive effect is perfectly obvious.

In Galtür on up to 2500 m above sea level the air is more rare and a so-called bracing climate and a slight oxygen deficit prevail. As the human body has to adapt to this conditions, your physical fitness is limited at first. After an initial acclimatisation period, however, your body works more economically, consumes no reserves anymore and builds new red blood cells. As a result, oxygen can be better delivered to the tissues and you feel more comfortable and relaxed – a true rejuvenating cure. Studies of Prof. Dr. Humpeler prove this.

Comprehensive medical researches have proven that the right height with the right exercises leads to the following positive health effects:


  • Optimization of the cardiovascular system (in parts antihypertensive remedies can be reduced or even discontinued)
  • boost of metabolism and reduction of body fat
  • improvement of the quality and increase of the red blood cells and the oxygen supply
  • positive neuropsychological effects, which means that it has been repeatedly proven that attitudes towards life get better, sleep quality and duration increase and negative health problems decrease

The conclusion of the medical study is that the recreational value of mountain hiking lies in the mobilisation and economisation of the forces.

You do not have to conquer extreme heights in order to get out much for your health. Come with us and discover the fascination of the mountains around Galtür. Peter Lorenz, your host and qualified mountain sports hiking guide, takes you on hiking tours through the Silvretta and the Verwall.

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