Hosts with a heart

Welcome in the
Alpenhotel in Galtür

My grandmother always told me: “Boy, introduce yourself!” when someone unknown entered our parlour. She was a landlady and hostess in Galtür with heart and soul.

So I would like to introduce myself to you, especially since, if you don’t know our house and me yet, I probably come to you rather unexpectedly. My name is Peter Lorenz, I am your host at the Alpenhotel Tirol in Galtür.

Our aim is to make your stay as pleasant as possible, whether you come for a long weekend or a longer holiday.

I would have loved to stay

We want you to feel at home and offer you space to actively relax and time to enjoy. Our house and its surroundings are ideally suited for this. A pleasant atmosphere, healthy and fresh mountain air.

The care of our guests, the appreciation of the other person, the welcome can be seen in many small details and gestures that influence the atmosphere and daily routine at the Alpenhotel Tirol. Some can be seen, some can be felt or tasted, while others are hidden.

Of course we can tell you how beautiful it is here, but we’d much rather prove it!

See you soon in Galtür!

My mountains

The mountains let me breathe deeply and give me strength and joy for my work.

I cordially invite you to visit us and, as a certified mountain hiking guide, I look forward to being on the way with you in our mountains, meeting you at one of our rustic alpine huts or simply relaxing in our pristine nature.

There is a saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

So anyone who likes to travel knows the feeling of wanderlust – that longing to set off for new shores, for unknown heights and distant mountains. But you won’t get far with wishes alone – then it’s good to set off with someone who knows the ropes. So if you want to go far and soar high, come with us!

We know the most rewarding and beautiful mountains and destinations around Galtür.

Let yourself "decelerate" and take more home with you, than just having had a holiday!