Cookie guidelines

Information about the use of cookies

The following technologies are applied on our website:

According to the settings of your web browser certain information are collected. With the help of a cookie your browser automatically sends these information to the operator of the website if you visit this website. These information usually include the IP address allocated to your computer as well as the type of operating system and the installed browser.

Cookies are small text files which are saved from a web server on the hard disk of your computer. One can distinguish between „session cookies“ and „permanent cookies“.

A session cookie is always compiled at every visit of this website. It contains the accidentally produced, distinct code number allocated to your computer. The validity expires automatically if you close the browser. The session cookie is used to support the functionality of the website and to find out more about your usage of the website, which means which sites you visit, which links you use and how long you stay at single sites.

If allowed, permanent cookies are used. These cookies do not expire if you close the browser, but stay as long on the hard disk until they expire after a certain period of time or until you delete them. At every visit of this website the web browser recognises the permanent cookie safed on the hard disk of your computer. Due to the allocation of such a permanent, distinct identification to your computer, prefered settings and types of use can be saved in a database. In this way it is also possible to determine, how often you visit this website, how your usage patterns change and how effective advertising activities of the website are. These information do not contain any personal data. They solely contain the actions accomplished with your computer.

If you visit the website via an e-mail, which was sent to you, or if you have created an „user identity“ during your visit, the information provided by the website or the cookies of third-party suppliers eventually might be linked to information in the data set of the website provider, thus enabling possible interferences about your identity.

For session cookies no prior acceptance is necessary as they are relevant for the functioning of the website and expire as soon as you leave the website. The use of permanent cookies, which save your preferred settings as well as types of use, which however are not absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website are subject to your prior consent. If you use the website you accept the use of permanent cookies, as long as you do not prevent the installation of these cookies by changing the settings of your computer. This also applies for cookies of third-party supplieres.

The website might contain pixel graphics which are called „web beacons“, „single-pixel GIFs“ or „clear GIFs“. Third-party suppliers might use web beacons in order to get information about the behaviour of your website visitors and to measure the effects of advertising activities. Web beacons might also be used in advertising e-mails in order to determine whether they are opened or provoke any user activity. The information preserved in web beacons is only linked to your personal data in case of your prior consent. By clicking on a link in the advertising e-mail, which is only sent to you with your prior consent, you accept the use of web beacons, as long as the installation of these web beacons is not prevented by a change of the settings of your computer.

Currently the website uses the following cookies: Current status of our cookie use, their purpose, their effects on privacy as well as their durability:

  • Session ID: The web server potentially creates session cookies which are necessary for the use of particular interactive website elements (e.g. contact form or registration). The cookie contains a session ID on the basis of which it is possible to distinguish between your visit of our website and the visit of other visitors who use the website at the same time. Session cookies are necessary for the use of the website. Therefore your prior consent is not required.
  • Analytics: This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics creates several first-party supplier cookies with which they guarantee that every following visit of the website can be attributed to the same (distinct) visitor. Moreover, you can determine how they found the website.
  • Website navigation: The content management tool creates several first-party supplier cookies. These are session cookies which are deleted as soon as you close the browser. They enable the proper functioning of our website. These data are aggregated and can not be attributed to a person.On the basis of the data collected by means of first-party supplier cookies aggregate reports are compiled, giving indications about how visitors arrive at the website and how the use it. Thanks to these reports we get insight into the visitor’s behaviour. These data is used to update and improve the website.
  • Cookies of third-party suppliers: Third-party supplier cookies are cookies compiled by partners. If partners are allowed to embed a cookie on one site of the website, the website provider has to refer to the guidelines and inform you about the fact that the gathering of information by means of such cookies requires the consent of the visitor. You can refuse by changing your computer settings.Cookies of advertising partners are used and external contents of third-party suppliers are embedded in the website. These are cookies which belong to the domain of the third-party supplier and therefore they can only be indicated and administrated by those third-party supplier. These third-party suppliers include amongst others Facebook and Twitter, whose cookie guidelines you can read at the respective websites. In addition, the Google Maps tool as well as the „Like“-plugin of Facebook are used. Here the data privacy policies of the provider apply. The website provider has no direct control over the content of the cookies, which are created by these plugins.
  • Others: Sometimes other services are tested which might create cookies on your computer. In that case the corresponding use is listed here.

The configuration of your internet browser is free of charge and an effective possibility to administrate cookies. You have the following possibilities:

  • accepting the use of all cookies which are integrated in the accessed websites and contents visited by you
    Note: On the one hand these cookies can only be read by its originator. On the other hand this process is not final. You can always deactivate these cookies later (the administration of cookies depends on your internet browser; have a look at the respective instructions).
  • blocking the use of cookies on your computer. In that case navigation might be impaired. Several functions require cookies (e.g. it might happen that your operating system is not recognised or that the expected language is not indicated). The website operator does not assume any liability for inconveniences due to possible malfunctions of the services if required cookies are not available.
  • adjusting your browser so that you are always asked permission before a new cookie is installed on your computer