Hiking holiday
At home on the mountain

In the dream mountains of the Silvretta, hikes and mountain tours lure you through fragrant flower meadows to rustic alpine pastures and stately peaks. Get to know the “good old summer holiday” in the mountains anew. Our house and its surroundings are ideally suited for this. A pleasant atmosphere, healthy fresh mountain air, flowering meadows and the best cuisine.

Longing for mountains

Set out to consciously experience nature. Take a time out from everyday life – hiking through the mountains is a wonderful way to do this.

Relaxed hiking, lingering, enjoying and above all letting your soul dangle in the middle of meadows, alpine pastures, lakes and mountains: A holiday at walking pace is the new luxury. And no destination is better suited than Galtür.

We make hiking a pleasure

You will find us at the end of the Paznaun valley, in an absolutely quiet location, surrounded by picturesque meadows, forests and of course the beautiful mountains of Galtür. All you need to do is step outside the hotel door and you are already in the middle of a hiker’s paradise.

Thanks to the excellent location of our hotel in Galtür, many activities and excursion destinations are within walking distance. Active holidaymakers have countless hiking trails on varied terrain at their disposal. From leisurely paths to more challenging climbs to high alpine tours – everything is on offer here.

A summer day in Galtür

We are often asked which weeks are the most beautiful during a mountain summer. It is difficult for us to give you a quick answer – because in the land of mountains, some things happen a little later and many things take a little longer.

If you appreciate the tried and tested, life becomes wonderfully easy. Like a summer day in the mountains. Where the horizon is wide and the sky is so close. There mountains still have secrets…

This is what we stand for

We are distinguished as a hiking hotel:


Our house is located in the middle of the hiking arena Silvretta / Verwall and the hiking trails start directly in front of the house.


We are at your disposal for all your tour planning questions


per week to the magnificent mountains of Galtür


For example, hiking poles and hiking backpacks can be borrowed from us free of charge.


They take us a little way towards or back from the day’s destination


After the hikes you can relax in our sauna, steam bath or jacuzzi


Enjoyable and healthy cuisine – with regional delicacies

What you can expect

Highest competence in the field of hiking

Your host Peter Lorenz will even accompany you personally to the magnificent mountains of Galtür several times a week and has a lot of tips. Of course, we are also there for you at our reception for individual advice, because that’s what makes us a hiking hotel in Galtür and our Alpenhotel Tirol!

We, as a family, love the summer in Galtür and on our tours I will show you my absolute favourite places.

Click through our next pages and you will find out why we love our work and why it is worthwhile to travel more on foot again, but also – why life and holidays in the mountains are so healthy. Who knows, maybe we will awaken a little of your longing for a carefree summer holiday.

At a glance

The entire hiking area

What a natural spectacle it must have been when the earth shook and the Alps made their way through the ruptured ground and formed. Today we are lucky that there are over three hundred measured or named mountain peaks in the Silvretta – 64 of which reach heights of over 3000 m. The Silvretta is therefore a real three-thousand-metre region. Here we are on the way our hiking guests.

Mountain hiking is healthy

… and is good for body and mind, as our grandparents used to say. Dr. Egon Humpeler has now also proven this in a scientific study.

According to the trends of the study, the secret of the recreational value of mountain holidays lies in the mobilisation of forces by the human organism. The latter registers the lower oxygen levels at altitudes between 1,400 and 2,000 m and cranks up its activities vigorously.

This is followed by a throttling of these stronger activities and thus an economisation. Professor Humpeler compares the process to an engine. “At first it revs up to get full power, but then at the end of a stay at altitude it runs more quietly, at lower revs, but produces the same or even better performance.”

The body already reacts at the stimulus altitude of 1,400 to 2,000 m, although it would have enough oxygen. More young red blood cells are formed without their total number increasing. The blood thus retains its normal consistency. However, the transport of oxygen to the cells improves markedly. This “fountain of youth effect” is purely altitude-related. The altitude thus mobilises physical reserves and the mere stay at altitude means a training effect.








Sulzfluh Drusenfluh








Tafamunter Augstenberg




Westliche Fluhspitze

The power of mountains

To sum up: hiking and mountaineering are simply good for body and soul. Endurance walking exerts an influence on the fat metabolism and the immune system – similar to a slow endurance run. If there are also some pulse-accelerating climbs to be mastered, the circulation also benefits.

Overall, it takes a little longer to get physically fit this way, but the effect lasts longer. Almost without side effects, the heart, circulation, metabolism and respiration, muscles and support structure are strengthened, while the risk of heart attack, cancer and diabetes is reduced by more than half.

A certain regularity plays a decisive role in this. Those who continuously ensure physical exercise are significantly less ill, recover more quickly in an emergency and demonstrably live longer. It is particularly advantageous that hiking in its many forms – in the flora and fauna of the mountain world – can be practised throughout one’s life and still shows demonstrable training effects even in old age.

Hiking panorama of Galtür

Interactive panorama of Galtür in Tyrol

Digital hiking guide of the Paznaun valley

Galtür Alpine Club

Experience the mountain

Experience exclusive hiking tours with the Galtür Alpine Club!

For all those who want to enjoy the mountain summer even more intensively:

The Galtür Alpine Club offers exclusive hikes for younger and older mountain enthusiasts, for courageous summit strikers and those who prefer to take it easy.

With us, you can expect unique mountain and nature experiences in one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Alps. The diversity of the landscape is matched by the individuality of our hotels, which are all family-run and have often been so for generations. What unites us is our love for the mountains, our passion for hiking and the aspiration to offer our guests an eventful, enjoyable and authentic hiking and mountain holiday.

From mid-June to mid-September, a high-quality, varied programme of hikes and a via ferrata tour awaits you every week. You will be guided by experienced local mountain (hiking) guides from Galtür, who are very familiar with the mountain world around Galtür and the breathtaking Silvretta / Verwallgruppe.

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. Choose from two hikes and one via ferrata tour every week – together with the qualified mountain guides of Galtür.
  2. To ensure maximum quality and safety on your tour, group sizes are small.
  3. The flexible programme brings even more variety to your summer holiday.
  4. Easy or difficult – you decide on the difficulty level of your hike!
  5. Ask the staff of your Alpine Club accommodation for a hiking map of the region and recommendations for great tours.
  6. Thanks to the local guides’ comprehensive knowledge of Galtür’s mountains and wildlife, the guided hikes are a fun and educating experience.
  7. Head to Intersport Wolfart in Galtür to test or buy high-quality hiking equipment – the shop is an Alpine Club partner!
  8. At 07:00 there is a comprehensive hiker’s breakfast to get you ready for your tour through the Tyrolean Alps.
  9. Check out the weekly programme of the Tourism Association for even more hikes and additional activities such as climbing or rafting.
  10. Simply book your favourite tour at your Alpine Club partner – it’s quick and easy!

Impressions –
Dreamlike view of your hiking holiday in Galtür


Really mountain hiking

“Just as there are people who really study books and others who only leaf through them, there are travellers and hikers who do the same with countries and mountains.”

Freely adapted from Abbé Ferdinando Galiani (1728 – 1787)

The Italian writer already knew in the 18th century what we have been living for generations: Being on the road in the mountains takes time and attention. Those who really get involved in the land of the mountains slow down. Those who really travel and hike get involved with the new and look forward to surprises – allow themselves the time to grasp details and track down real experiences.

We like to leave it to others to rush from one peak or ridge to another. For us, authenticity is essential, and far from the tourist trails, we quietly follow our tracks in a unique natural and cultural landscape. Together with you, we want to recognise the nuances that cannot be described in an offer column. But immersing yourself in nature also means getting to know and appreciating people.

In other words, to get to the real experiences of real mountain hiking – in the land of the mountains.

We as a family love summer in Galtür and have our favourite places.

Peter Lorenz, your host and certified mountain sports hiking guide personally accompanies his guests several times a week into the magnificent mountain world around Galtür.

Look forward to the highest level of competence in the field of hiking, because from the equipment rental to courteous service, everything is included.