Breathe deeply

Climatic health resort
Galtür – the first of Tyrol

Galtür has been the first official climatic health resort in Tyrol since 1997. The mix of low-pollen air and favourable climate is balm for all allergy sufferers.

Time out from allergens

The air quality and climate make Galtür a special place. Since Galtür is not located in a cauldron, it is guaranteed that the air here can circulate constantly and thus the pollution level is far below average. Due to its altitude of 1,600 m above sea level, Galtür is free of dust mites and is particularly recommended for people who suffer from respiratory problems.

Sporting exercise combined with the healthy Galtür high mountain air are the best prerequisites for a relaxing and regenerative holiday. Give your body a break from allergens.

More quality of life for allergy sufferers

To make your holiday in Galtür as pleasant as possible, we have special rooms for allergy sufferers without or with very short pile carpet, hoover with Hepa 13 filter and allergy bedding. We use special ECO cleaners, which are ecologically degradable and skin-friendly.

Thanks to our work and our commitment to giving allergy sufferers more quality of life, we received the ECARF Seal of Quality in April 2018.

Get on track

Altidude x Movement =
Alpine health

Exercise in the fresh air is healthy!
High-altitude air has a positive effect on the human organism. It is obvious that the combination of both must be particularly beneficial.

At higher altitudes up to 2500 m, the air is thinner and there is a so-called irritant climate and a slight lack of oxygen. The body first has to get used to this and performance is limited at first.

After the acclimatisation phase, however, the body works more economically, no longer uses up reserves and new red blood cells are formed. As a result, oxygen can be better delivered to the tissues and you feel better and more refreshed – a true rejuvenating cure.

The right altitude with the right exercise makes the following health effects possible:

  • Optimisation of the cardiovascular system (in part, blood pressure-lowering drugs can be reduced or even discontinued)
  • Activation of the metabolism and reduction of body fat
  • Improvement of the quality and increase of red blood cells and oxygen supply
  • Positive neuropsychological effects:  Attitudes to life become more positive, increase in sleep quality and duration, negative sensitivities decrease.

The secret of the recreational value lies in the mobilisation and economisation of forces.

You don’t have to conquer extreme heights to get a lot out of it for your health. Come with us and discover the fascination of the mountains around Galtür. Peter Lorenz, our host and certified mountain sports hiking guide, will guide and accompany you on all hikes and tours in the Silvretta and Verwall.